Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Uppity Fat Chick gets a little un-fat

So, I plan to get a little healthier.

I still want to be a chunky monkey, but I am noticing some things about my health that could lead to more serious conditions. I had a check-up recently and all my numbers were good. However, I breathe too hard and get winded too easily when I walk. Sometimes my back hurts when I stand for a long time. This is new and I don't like it.

So from now on I will be watching my portion control more closely, listening to when I am hungry and when I am not, and getting more structured in my daily exercise routine. I'll cut out the ga-zillion Coke Zeros that I drink in a day (cringe) and replace them with water. I will not, however, be weighing myself or getting anxious about being a size-whatever.

Then, in a couple months I'll have a report. In the interim I'll make note of things that have changed. Hopefully, along with even better numbers (blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.) the backpain will be diminished and I'll be breathing easier.

Stay tuned.

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