Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Uppity Fat Chick takes a trip

I'm leaving on jetplane.

This is not my first flight since Southwest Airlines-the ring leader in instituting fat phobic policies requiring passengers of size to purchase an extra seat-offended fat people everywhere and other airlines followed with similar policies. I will be flying on American Airlines because I was unable to locate a specific policy that blatantly discriminated against fat people. If there is one such policy, I won't be surprised.

My flight leaves at 1:40 and I plan to be at the airport by 12 noon so as to make other arrangements if I should find myself the subject of discrimination. I do know that I will need a seatbelt extender, and since my travel companion will not be in the seat next to me due to an emergency situation (Court. They plan to catch a later flight.) I might have the whole row to myself.

I will blog about how it goes once I arrive at my destination.

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